Doug Dreyer

Licensed Massage Therapist


It's a great experience to be worked on by someone who obviously really cares about helping the person he's working with- I really enjoyed it and it helped in every way....(another exceptional talent you have is that of communication, you explain really clearly how you work and include the person you're working on in the process, that's exceptional Doug....) -- Joshua B.

As an ex ballet dancer with a very vigorous training regimen, I am often in need of massage therapy to help me avoid injury and to ensure optimal performance with my trainer. 
I feel very fortunate to have found Doug.  I have seen many different therapists over the years here in the city and he is certainly one of the best, if not THE best!  His intuitive work always leaves me feeling restored and rejuvenated both physically and spiritually. I am always amazed at how the physical pain and emotional stress just melt away during our sessions. I HIGHLY recommend Doug. He is truly gifted and extremely talented, not to mention a very nice guy!! -- Alex N.

Doug is an amazingly skilled massage therapist and I was aware of this from the second he placed his hands on me. His massage work is both deep and focused but also fluid and nurturing. I also had him give me a body scrub which was a fun treat and the room was nice and warm so I never felt chilled.
     I am also a massage therapist and have received many massages. Doug is the real deal and so very reasonably priced. His strong and intuitive hands are an incredible gift.  -- Very Happy Client

Doug is a great masseur - I love the massage I received. Professionally trained, kind, and relaxed, his space and style were precisely what I was looking for. The table / temperature / light / music / etc. were all perfect enabling a great overall experience - cozy and serene and tranquil. I added the salt scrub as well - clean shower/towels all provided afterwards to clean away the scrub before the massage began. I plan on visiting again. -- Scott I.